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Polarized Spherical Wavelets and Curvelets

Polarized Spherical Wavelets and Curvelets

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Software: SparsePol Version 1.0

SparsePol is based on three packages, IDL , Healpix, and MR/S. SparsePol can be used only if these three packages have been installed. SparsePol contains IDL routines for polarized wavelet, polarized ridgelet and polarized curvelet transform on the sphere, and applications such denoising on the sphere using wavelets and/or curvelets, Gaussianity tests and blind source separation on the Sphere. SparsePol has been designed for the PLANCK project.

The documentation of the SparsePol software is available in PDF format.

The code and more information are available at this web page.

Last modified: June, 2010.