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TUTORIAL: Multiscale Methods and Applications

o PART I: The Wavelet Transform (file size=624275 ko)

Introduction, continuous wavelet transform, orthogonal wavelet transform, quinqunx wavelet transform, ....

o PART II: Redundant Wavelet Transform (file size=686815 ko)

A trous algorithm, pyramidal wavelet transform, ...

o PART III: Other Multiscale Constructions (file size=1230108 ko)

Lifting scheme, multiscale median transform, mathematical morphology and multiscale representation, Ridgelet Transform, Curvelet Transform, matching pursuit, ...

o PART IV: Restoration (file size=1598278 ko)

Noise modeling, filtering and deconvolution.

o PART V: Detection (file size= 880406 ko)

Astronomical object detection, partial reconstruction, combined approach for detection and deconvolution.

o PART VI: Compression (file size=494757 ko)

Astronomical image compression.

o PART VII: Edge detection and Image Registration (file size=523451 ko)

Edge detection, multiscale edge detection, image registration.