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Students and Postdocs

Students & Postdocs
Paniez Paykari , Postdoc on CMB.
Daniel Machado , PhD, Spectroscopic redshift estimation.
Simon Beckouche , PhD, Sparsity and Dictionary Learning.
Jérémy Rapin , PhD, Multi/Hyperspectral Data Analysis.
Francois Lanusse , PhD, Weak lensing.
Fred Ngolè , PhD, Weak lensing.
Julien Girard , Postdoc on radio astronomy data analysis.
Former Students & Postdocs
Adrienne Leonard , Postdoc, 2010-2014, now at UCL, UK.
Hugh Garsden, Postdoc, 2012-2014,.
Soumen Basak , Postdoc, 2012-2013, now at SISSA, Italy
Georgios Tzagkarakis , postdoc 2010-2012, now at EONOS Investment Technologies.
Aurele Balavoine , PhD at GeorgiaTech, visitor, 2012, now at Mathworks, US.
Nicolas Clerc , Master student 2008, now at Max Planck Institute, Germany.
Boris Leistedt , Master student 2010, now at UCL, UK.
Francois-Xavier Dupe , postdoc 2010-2011, now `assistant professor at Marseille University .
Olivier Fourt , postdoc 2008-2010, now at Clermont-Ferrand University.
Erwan Deriaz , postdoc 2009-2010, now at Nancy University (CNRS researcher).
Antoine Labatie, , PhD 2009-2012, now at SAFRAN, France.
Jeremy Schmitt , PhD 2008-2011, now at ENS Lyon.
Arnaud Woiselle , PhD 2007-2010, now at SAGEM.
Jerome Bobin , PhD 2005-2008, now at CEA.
Sandrine Pires, PhD 2005-2008, now at CEA.
Pierrick Abrial , PhD 2004-2008, now at ITLink Ltd.
Yassir Moudden , postdoc 2004-2005, now at CEA.
Bo Zhang , Master student 2005, now at Phillips.
Savita Mathur , Master student 2003, now at National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA.
Victor Racine, , Master student 2002, now at Fluofarma Ltd.